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How To Set Up A Google Analytics Account

How to set up a Google Analytics Account

Please note we have a updated guide for Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics

Go to Google Analytics, sign in with your Google account (this can be your company’s Gmail account – ie yourcompanyname@gmail.com – We recommend using the same Gmail business account for all your google services.)

Click on the Create New button. Then do the following:

  1. Choose what you’re going to track: a website or a mobile app.  Choose Website.
  2. Give your Google Analytics account a distinctive name.
  3. Enter your website’s name.
  4. Enter your website’s URL.
  5. Select the industry category that best reflects your business.
  6. Select your country and a reporting time zone.
    Remember that the time zone settings affect how the beginning and end of each day are calculated for reports, regardless of where the traffic originates. Choose the most relevant time zone for you.

We recommend that you leave the data sharing settings as is (meaning don’t uncheck any boxes). This helps Google improve their services and ensures that technical support representatives can access your account should any problems arise.

Next, click the Get Tracking ID button and accept the Terms of Service.

You’ll see a window with a Tracking ID for your property.

Give Access to Google Analytics

Open the Admin Tab, select Account, select User Management, and enter the details.

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